iPhone 4’s Questionable Antenna Placement

By now I know the iPhone 4’s reception issue is old news, but it got me thinking.

Back in 2002 [if I’m not mistaken], I got my first cell phone. It didn’t have a camera, but it was one of the first to come out with a color screen. [Sick!!!]

One thing I recall is going through the user manual, since back then there was next to nothing to do on your actual phone. I’m pretty health concious, so naturally I checked out the Safety Information section of the manual; particularly under “Exposure to Radio Frequency”.

Immediately after this section, came the “Antenna Care” section, then later followed by “Tips on Efficient Operation”. Here’s what’s found regarding touching the antenna:

If it was a known fact that call quality would be affected from antenna contact back in 2002, why would Apple choose to construct a phone with an antenna surrounding the entire device in 2010?

If you don’t keep up with geek news like I do,  someone sent an email to [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs to address the issue. Jobs replied:

“Just avoid holding it in that way.”

In the same manual as the screenshot above, I found this regarding “Phone Operation”:

I guess the iPhone is not like “any other telephone”…


~ by Fresh on June 28, 2010.

One Response to “iPhone 4’s Questionable Antenna Placement”

  1. I’m told the white iphone fixes this by using your body to amplify the signal

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